Raking the Leaves

Spent part of today “helping” dad unit to rake the leaves in our yard. I did a little bit of actual work, but mostly I liked playing in the leaves, kicking the leaves, and petting Crimson. Not sure we ever actually finished raking leaves.




Worn Out With Grammies

On Wednesday I get to play with my Grammies and do some adventure stuff with other friends. Today I played so hard at Aunt Amanda’s work (an animal kennel) I had to take a big nap at Grammies house.


Big time at Teddy Bear Parade


We had a “Teddy Bear” parade at school these last two days. I didn’t care so much for the bears. I brought Coe with me. She’s my favorite stuffed dog. Think she enjoyed going to school for those two days as well.

As you can see, we had cupcakes after the parade of Teddy Bears. My Grammies says I am teachers pet. I can’t help it if she likes me best.


Brooks is into “flying” these days. He’s all about this stair railing at the church. He grabs, swings a bit and says “I flying!” Pretty funny stuff.