Yes I Took Dad to Town

So last night I totally kicked the dad units behind at Wii! Started off in bowling & ended in boxing. I did let him have the golf match (can’t take away all his manhood in one night).


Jumping on The Bed

I have been feeling cruddy all day, but every once in awhile I get these bursts of energy to do things. Like jump on an un-made bed.







too Cute : Brooks playing with fav Blanket

here is some cute fun with Brooks. he’s taken a liking to this knit blanket his Aunt Tiffany made for him. it makes for some good play time. Who knew!

so if you are in need of some cuteness factor or a pick-me-up today, this should fit the bill for ya.

Brooks Playing Around with Fav Blanket from Gavin Richardson on Vimeo.

Tummy Time!

Brooks might be a 6 week preemie, but he’s on the fast track to the ivy leagues! Or a stellar state school like the University of Alabama or University of South Carolina. Here’s some of his brilliance & agitation from “tummy time.”

Brooks doing a little Tummy Time from Gavin Richardson on Vimeo.