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Playing Hooky

Today the dad unit & B skipped out on school for some mischief. After dad unit had a morning phone call we headed to the golf course where we played for over an hour or two. It was a gorgeous day. We even spotted planes & a train. Mom unit came to the course to have lunch with us. We played some more then went hone for a nap. After resting up we re-arranged our train table then headed out to feed the ducks. We had a good time feeding the ducks. Then we went home to make dinner for mom unit. Good day to skip school.



First Golf Outing

I had my first golf outing today. Dad took me to the golf course to play at the chipping/putting green at Riverside Golf Course. I loved it and made lots of good shots.





Up Way to Early

Was up really early with the mom & dad units for a golf tournament today. We set up a tent and some coolers & something called cornhole. Once I woke up more we had a great time.