My favorite Fish

Tonight we went out to eat for my uncle Blakey’s birthday. These were some of my favorite fish in the restaurant’s fishtank. I took the pictures myself, with maybe a little help from my aunt Amanda.





I’m 2 Years Old!!

I got to celebrate my 2 year birthday today, officially speaking, had a good time with my party at Nana’s & Grandpa’s last week ax well. We had it at First Baptist Church in Hendersonville which has a cool indoor playground/climbing thing that goes up two stories, & I played on it all! I was excited with the Thomas the Train theme as well, trains are a fav of mine these days. Got lots of cool toys, cake & lots of my best friends were there as well. Perfect 2 hours of chaos to celebrate two years!










Noah Christian’s Birthday

Today is Noah Christian Richardson’s birthday. Tiffany was a real champ as she delivered Noah who weighed in at a whopping 9lbs. 11oz. All are well and we were excited that Shawn was able to work out through his whole deployment stuff to be around for the birthday and as long as he was.

Check out our Photos & Videos of Noah’s B’day Party and as well some of the rest of February 2010 shots.

Birthday Boy Photo Shoot

BrooksErinDailyIkonour little boy Brooks, turns 1 month old today. how does the Richardson family celebrate? a photo shoot of course.

Anna is a good friend of ours and offered to take photos for us after my nikon was stolen last spring. we were stoked to have her take photos, she’s a whole lot better than me as a photographer.

Brooks was quite the awake child (though this photo doesn’t show that part) for his b’day photo shoot. this made it tough to get some of those ‘serene’ pics you usually see, but i suppose we already have some of those sleeping peaceful baby pics. Brooks was quite the trooper in modeling for about 2 hours with some sporadic breaks.

you can check out Anna’s blog posting with some of our photos from the photo shoot. when she’s had time to go through more of the photos we will link to those so people can order prints if they like (and i know you all want your Brooks professional print).

if you are looking for a photographer, i would highly recommend Anna.

Brooks 1st Day

This is a little gem of a video that we caught of Brooks waking up towards the end of his first day of life. I try to narrate for the viewer what he’s thinking.

Brooks thinking from Gavin Richardson on Vimeo.