Happy Mothers Day

The Dad Unit and I did our traditional Mothers Day sidewalk drawings. We had fun, as usual, and the Mother Unit loved it. An afternoon rain though didn’t think to highly of our craftwork. Now it’s all gone. Bummer. Maybe we can do it again tomorrow.







More Chattanooga!!

More photos from our trip to Chattanooga & the Aquarium.









I’m 2 Years Old!!

I got to celebrate my 2 year birthday today, officially speaking, had a good time with my party at Nana’s & Grandpa’s last week ax well. We had it at First Baptist Church in Hendersonville which has a cool indoor playground/climbing thing that goes up two stories, & I played on it all! I was excited with the Thomas the Train theme as well, trains are a fav of mine these days. Got lots of cool toys, cake & lots of my best friends were there as well. Perfect 2 hours of chaos to celebrate two years!










Noah Christian’s Birthday

Today is Noah Christian Richardson’s birthday. Tiffany was a real champ as she delivered Noah who weighed in at a whopping 9lbs. 11oz. All are well and we were excited that Shawn was able to work out through his whole deployment stuff to be around for the birthday and as long as he was.

Check out our Photos & Videos of Noah’s B’day Party and as well some of the rest of February 2010 shots.

Richardson Family Reunion 2009


went hanging out halloween weekend & the first sunday of november for my annual family reunion. this was the first time that lil’ Brooks was able to meet Great Granddad Brooks, whom he’s named after. we had a great time staying over at the farm and hanging out with my cousins/aunts/uncles & siblings. good times. here’s a little photo slideshow

Photos of the Weeks

its been a few weeks since we dropped any updates. we have some videos in the hopper that we need to post up. before that. i figured we’d share some photos of the weeks.

Brooks Visits the Pumpkin Patch

Brooks Doesn’t Like His Halloween Costume Apparently

1 of our Miriam’s Promise Golf Teams plays with Johnny Majors

l-r Frank Coulter, Jordan Hollinshead, Johnny Majors, Brian Coulter, Bruce Teal

Birthday Boy Photo Shoot

BrooksErinDailyIkonour little boy Brooks, turns 1 month old today. how does the Richardson family celebrate? a photo shoot of course.

Anna is a good friend of ours and offered to take photos for us after my nikon was stolen last spring. we were stoked to have her take photos, she’s a whole lot better than me as a photographer.

Brooks was quite the awake child (though this photo doesn’t show that part) for his b’day photo shoot. this made it tough to get some of those ‘serene’ pics you usually see, but i suppose we already have some of those sleeping peaceful baby pics. Brooks was quite the trooper in modeling for about 2 hours with some sporadic breaks.

you can check out Anna’s blog posting with some of our photos from the photo shoot. when she’s had time to go through more of the photos we will link to those so people can order prints if they like (and i know you all want your Brooks professional print).

if you are looking for a photographer, i would highly recommend Anna.

Brooks’ BFF

Brooks' BFFthis is Aidan, he’s about 24 hours younger than me, but he’s much bigger than me. we met at the hospital on our 2nd or 3rd day. we go to church together & our mommy’s say we are bff’s. not sure what that means, but apparently it is a good thing.



Richardson Family Reunion 2008

Every fall, the first Sunday of November the Richardson family gathers in Banks Alabama for our annual family reunion. Its generally a weekend deal for us. We go to Birmingham, meet up with the siblings & parental units, then head down Banks on Saturday for the ‘fish fry’ then gathering on Sunday morning.

Here’s some of the photos from our Richardson Family Reunion in 2008

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Albuquerque Trip

This week we took a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s the first time we have been out here & we used the excuse of me coming out here to speak a few times at this conference to justify it. It’s been fun, a whole lot colder than we imagined. Who knew that New Mexico has this altitude thing going on. We took in some of the local fair, a trip to Santa Fe, a winery, and tram ride up to the top of the dominating peak.

Here is a slideshow of our photos from the experience.