Happy Mothers Day

The Dad Unit and I did our traditional Mothers Day sidewalk drawings. We had fun, as usual, and the Mother Unit loved it. An afternoon rain though didn’t think to highly of our craftwork. Now it’s all gone. Bummer. Maybe we can do it again tomorrow.







Birthday Boy Photo Shoot

BrooksErinDailyIkonour little boy Brooks, turns 1 month old today. how does the Richardson family celebrate? a photo shoot of course.

Anna is a good friend of ours and offered to take photos for us after my nikon was stolen last spring. we were stoked to have her take photos, she’s a whole lot better than me as a photographer.

Brooks was quite the awake child (though this photo doesn’t show that part) for his b’day photo shoot. this made it tough to get some of those ‘serene’ pics you usually see, but i suppose we already have some of those sleeping peaceful baby pics. Brooks was quite the trooper in modeling for about 2 hours with some sporadic breaks.

you can check out Anna’s blog posting with some of our photos from the photo shoot. when she’s had time to go through more of the photos we will link to those so people can order prints if they like (and i know you all want your Brooks professional print).

if you are looking for a photographer, i would highly recommend Anna.

views from a Family Night!

Richardson Family Unit
from Gavin Richardson on Vimeo.

We, my brother & I, have had this little tradition going on for a number of years that we call “Family Night.” It used to be us going out to eat with Davey (our then roommate) to watch a wrestling pay-per-view or football game. Well, Family Night continues, but not always for a wrestling match. But as you can see from this little video capture, who needs the wrestling to have a good time.