Yes I Took Dad to Town

So last night I totally kicked the dad units behind at Wii! Started off in bowling & ended in boxing. I did let him have the golf match (can’t take away all his manhood in one night).


My First Mission Outing with the Youth

Mom is out of town & since school is out I’m stuck with the dad unit. Because I’m stuck with the dad unit & he says ‘yes’ to just about anything I was taken on my first youth group mission trip.

We went to clean up a duplex apartment for a couple that are trying to find sustainable housing. They were homeless & had recently been doing the motel thing (I don’t know what that ‘thing’ is but it’s what dad unit told me).

We cleaned carpets, washed walls as well as lot of household cleaning. As you can see I was busy keeping everyone busy.








Thursday is Grammies Day

Thursday is my new grammies day. Which translate to “freedom day.”


Busy Busy Weekend!

This was/is a very busy weekend for me. Friday we had my grammies birthday dinner at McNamara’s which I love!! Saturday I had my first strike in Wii bowling (all by myself, no daddy/mommy help) & at night we had a big dance party at the church. Sunday we are gonna see some friends at church and then rest. It’s been busy, but way fun!





‘Lil Undignified Man’

Brooks likes to dance before bed time.

Raking the Leaves

Spent part of today “helping” dad unit to rake the leaves in our yard. I did a little bit of actual work, but mostly I liked playing in the leaves, kicking the leaves, and petting Crimson. Not sure we ever actually finished raking leaves.




First Golf Outing

I had my first golf outing today. Dad took me to the golf course to play at the chipping/putting green at Riverside Golf Course. I loved it and made lots of good shots.





Brooks & the Jumpy Seat : February Milestones

These last few weeks we’ve had a couple of milestones of epic proportion in the Richardson household. Yes, Noah was born which we are all very grateful for. Brooks got to meet his new partner in crime a few days after birth when he returned from a networking business trip to Savannah, GA.

Brooks has started eating solid foods. We actually did this over at Shawn & Tiff’s house.. not sure why their house, guess if it got nasty.. anyways. Brooks has also started what seems to be his new love for the Jumping Seat. Honestly, I’d be pretty stoked if they made an adult version of that chair. Its hard to think someone wouldn’t like it.

Can also check out our February Photographs Set.


too Cute : Brooks playing with fav Blanket

here is some cute fun with Brooks. he’s taken a liking to this knit blanket his Aunt Tiffany made for him. it makes for some good play time. Who knew!

so if you are in need of some cuteness factor or a pick-me-up today, this should fit the bill for ya.

Brooks Playing Around with Fav Blanket from Gavin Richardson on Vimeo.

Our Boys Christmas Present

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!! Ours was quite good with the little man in tow. Went down to “Nana & Grandpa’s” house in Birmingham where we spent a few days and Christmas morning, then back home to meet up with some of the Foster Clan (which is always a raucous time).

Christmas morning was highlighted with Brooks showing off his newest skill of rolling over. Yes, we celebrate these small milestones. This was his first successful unassisted rolling over since he was 2 weeks old when he did it for the doctor (we call that a lucky first attempt). This time he did it for Grandpa, so apparently he likes to show off for others, but not so much for us.

Anyways, its a cute video with my dad playing around with Brooks, a few farts, laughable moments, & our celebratory developmental milestone of rolling over.

Brooks Rolls Over : Christmas Day 2009 from Gavin Richardson on Vimeo.